Pioneer 3 Way Coaxial Car Speakers at Rs.2476

Pioneer 3 Way Coaxial Car Speakers at Rs.2476

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 Pioneer 3 Way Coaxial Car Speakers

  • Mica is pulverized and infused onto a pulpy cone design to bring rigidity into other wise light but fragile pulp cone - with a 10 percent increased flexural rigidity and a water resistant back, be ensured that this speaker will last long while breaking all sound records
  • Progressive flex suspension system supports the voice coil effectively by dampening the large cone vibration and enhancing linearity of sound reproduction - its soft part makes movement smooth and reproduces clear sound and at excessive input, its hard part controls excessive vibration and prevents movement error
  • High-quality appearance and universal design enhance the vehicle interior - fully covered mesh grille prevents physical damage and provide high durability which can withstand even severe use
  • Years of research and state-of-art production facilities is our secret behind every pioneer speaker's quality sound reproduction